Vial Energy

Development and organisation of areas for the establishment and use of renewable energy.

We want to develop various renewable energy solutions together with municipalities, energy companies and property developers in the process of green transition!

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We can assist with

  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-projects
  • Requirements specification
  • Market analyses
  • Environmental assessments
  • VDC
  • Local authority plans
  • Impact assessments
  • Licence applications
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Project management
  • Zoning plans
  • Technical engineering
  • Due diligence
  • Follow-up in the construction phase

Areas we cover

Our versatile expertise spans several critical areas, and we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions:

  • Power supply

  • Data centre

  • Hydropower plants

  • District heating

  • Circular industry


Our expertise in renewable energy has enabled us to design, develop and implement effective solutions that help increase the production of sustainable energy.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our dedicated team has been working to optimise energy production while taking into account our environmental impact.

Svåheia wind power plant

Svåheia wind turbine

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Grid connection of North Sea Energy Park

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Egersund Wind Farm

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North Sea Energy Park

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