About us

We have extensive experience in the planning of transport and infrastructure as well as construction engineering design.

We were established in 2012 and are based in Åsen in Stavanger. Today we are a company with 20 employees. Together, we consist of experienced and newly qualified engineers and civil engineers with interdisciplinary expertise in our areas of expertise.


Want to work with us?

We are always looking for new dedicated and motivated employees within land use planning, road and water and wastewater planning, construction engineering, VDC, construction and project management.

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Centrally Approved

We can guarantee construction quality with our professional expertise as a serious and reliable partner.

The following authorisation areas have been granted:

  • Applicant (for all types of measures) in measure class 2
  • Design of architecture in action class 1
  • Design of roads, outdoor areas and landscaping in action class 3
  • Design of surveying engineering design in measure class 2
  • Design of geotechnical engineering in action class 1
  • Design of structural safety in action class 2
  • Design of building physics in action class 2
  • Design of water supply and wastewater systems in action class 3
  • Control of structural safety in action class 2
  • The following additional information will appear on the authorisation certificate

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710 Tengs_01_Towards south-east2

Zoning plan Commercial area Tengs

Zoning of a commercial area at Tengs in Eigersund municipality. The plan is an expansion of an existing commercial area.
IMG_7982 retouched


Joint engineering of technical plans for RFK's plans for Nesbuvegen, and in connection with Sola...

Auglendsdalen roundabout

New junction on Fv 4550 Auglendsdalen. The project was regulated as a channelled left exit lane, and was first...